Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not praising, burying: Cambridge day

I will be spending the day at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge tomorrow as part of the 'Not praising, burying' event [details]. At the start of the day I will be reflecting on the central themes of Artful Crafts. It strikes me that one of the central themes has been the way that Greek pottery has been removed from its ancient context and placed in an artificial "artistic" world that has promoted "important" creators. And museums and collectors have sought to acquire works by major names: Artful Crafts preceded the return of material to Italy from North American private collections.

I will be drawing attention to a Paestan krater once owned by Dr John Disney (founder of the Disney Chair of Archaeology) and acquired by the Fitzwilliam nearly a century after Disney's founding benefaction.

Next week the McDonald institute will be hosting a seminar to reflect on tomorrow (see also BBC).

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