Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ex-Kluge Collection on the market

Antiquities that formed part of the John Kluge collection are not without interest on LM. I see that three ex-Kluge pots are up for auction at Christie's Rockefeller Centre on June 6, 2013:

  • lot 546: Attic black-figured column-krater, attributed to the Bucci painter. Surfaced on the Freiburg market, 1988. [Unstated: Becchina Archive.]
  • lot 594: Apulian amphora, attributed to the Edinburgh exhibition painter. Surfaced in Royal-Athena Galleries, 1981.
  • lot 595: Apulian volute-krater, attributed to the Baltimore painter. Surfaced in Royal-Athena Galleries, 1979.
What are their full collecting histories (prior to their first stated appearances)?

Readers of LM should re-read Lee Rosenbaum's observations about Kluge dating back to 2007. 

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