Friday, June 6, 2014

Karlruhe Returns Cycladic Objects

Cycladic figure returned to Greece from Karlsruhe.
Source: Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
Karlsruhe returned two Cycladic objects today: a Spedos marble female figure, and a ceramic 'frying pan' (Press release, Greek). Both were acquired in the 1970s. The objects will be displayed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

This is a visual reminder of the major looting of Cycladic cemeteries especially since the Second World War. Only a tiny percentage of the figures in the corpus have secure archaeological contexts.

It is significant that Greece is once again seeking to repatriate material.

Will the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University be responding to requests to return their three items identified from the seized photographic archives?

Cycladic 'frying-pan' returned from Karlsruhe.
Source: Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

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Unknown said...

Do you know if the Italian Polizzi are investigating the 1824 inscribed wine jar or askos looted from a tomb near Centuripe, Sicily, sent by Giuseppe Polizzi to Barone Pietoro Pisano Palermo, bought by the Grand Duke of Baden in 1937/8, last seen among the Classic Antiquities at the Palace Museum in Karlsrhue around 1980?


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