Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Boursaud Consignments

I have been reviewing the consignments (some 104 items) made by Christian Boursaud to the Sotheby's London sale of July 1985. (Readers of LM will no doubt recall that this included a piece once handled by Luigi Perticerari.)

So, did Boursaud consign the following lots:

  • Lot 246: Attic black-figured horse-head amphora
  • Lot 257: Attic black-figured neck-amphora
  • Lot 312: Attic white-ground alabastron
  • Lot 313: Attic black-figured neck-amphora of Panathenaic shape
  • Lot 572: Attic Droop cup

Could there be more identifications from the Medici Dossier? Will another North American museum be making contact with the Italian authorities to return material?

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