Wednesday 3 May 2023

Sourcing Makron

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) appears to be reluctant to release the full details of the source for three cups attributed to Makron that were acquired in 1979 alongside the two cups that were discussed in The New York Times

The three cups are:
a. 1979.136, gift of Dietrich von Bothmer. BAPD 275244. Joins other fragments in the Vatican; reported to have been transferred to the Vatican.
b. 1979.11.11, purchase (Mr & Mrs Martin Fried Gift). BAPD 6919.
c. 1979.11.4, purchase (Norbert Schimmel Gift Fund); 1979.11.16 [4 frr.]; 1980.11.5, purchase (The Dover Fund Inc. Gift). BAPD 6918. [The third acquisition is not noted on BAPD.] The MMA website attributes one of these acquisitions to the Euaion painter even though the other pieces are attributed to Makron.

No images are provided on the website for any of these three pieces.

Each object page invites users to provide feedback or to ask questions. The MMA clearly did not appreciate my requests using the online form as there has been no response to a polite request for information.

I hope that this post will prompt the MMA to update the five records to provide the relevant information as well as some images. Or were the fragments sourced from the same galleries and dealers as the other two Makron cups?

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