Wednesday, 12 December 2007

From Switzerland to Italy: Another Etruscan Return

The seizure of Polaroids in Geneva continues to have an impact. ANSA reported last week (December 5, 2007) on "Etruscan Bronze Recovered in Switzerland". The 2nd century BC bronze figure is said to have been taken from an Etruscan tomb at Vulci in modern Tuscany. It was identified, thanks to the evidence provided by the Polaroids, in a Swiss private collection and the owner has agreed to return it to Italy. The name of the collector has not been released.

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David Gill said...

Dominique Dunglas, "L'Amérique rend une petite partie de ses chefs-d'oeuvre à l'Italie", Tribune de Genève, 18 Décembre 2007.

"Un bronze dédié à la divinité Thufltha, datant du IIe siècle av. J.-C., s'est ajouté au dernier moment à l'exposition du Quirinal. C'est un anonyme collectionneur suisse qui l'avait illégalement acquis et qui l'a spontanément rendu."

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