Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Italian Action to Reclaim Antiquities Handled by Robin Symes

Suzan Mazur has written about new Italian action to reclaim antiquities once handled by Robin Symes ("Italy Seeks Ancient Loot From Symes Trustees", Scoop July 28, 2009).
Italy is asking for restitution of some 1,000 artifacts from Symes's Trustees in Bankruptcy, according to Maurizio Fiorilli, the lawyer for Italy's Ministry of Culture who negotiated the return of the Euphronios krater and other treasures from America's museums.
It should be remembered that an Apulian krater once in the Symes Collection had to be withdrawn from an auction at Bonhams in 2008. During this show down in October 2008 Francesco Rutelli made a statement about objects that once formed part of the stock of Symes.

Will we also be seeing moves from the Greek Government to reclaim material?

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