Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning from the Polaroids

Looting Matters has been quieter than normal due to other commitments. However research has continued.

It strikes me that one of the lessons of the Polaroids is that museums (especially in North America) have been more careful over their acquisitions. Who would want a repeat of the bad publicity relating the return of objects to Italy (and Greece)?

Yet is the same true for those selling archaeological material that has no documented collecting history? Are some of those involved in the market pressing ahead with the sale of material that they perhaps suspect (and, I hope, not know) was handled by certain Swiss-based middlemen whose images have been seized in Geneva and Basel?

A number of sales are forthcoming. What will emerge?

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1 comment:

kyri said...

the sales are allready on line david,why dont you let us know if there is anything to be avoided as some of us unfortunately are not privy to the polaroids and have to rely on the provenance published in the catalog.


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