Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Italian antiquities seized at Swiss border

Earlier this month antiquities were seized by the Carabinieri at the border between Italy and Switzerland (report, Il Mattino April 7, 2011). Apparently the objects, dating to the fourth century BC had been hidden in the boot of a car. The driver was Swiss-Italian, aged 43 years. His family came from Serino in Italy, just to the east of Naples. Paperwork was also seized.

The objects are listed:

  • 5 clay amphorae with geometric patterns and figure-decorated scenes 
  • a clay container with geometric patterns 
  • a black-glossed clay jug
  • a clay egg-shaped object
  • a fishplate decorated with fish and shellfish
  • 3 pairs of gold and silver ear-rings
The pieces appear to have been found in the region of Avellino and Salerno in southern Italy.

The house belonging to the man's father was searched and a number of Roman coins were recovered as well as a Spanish-made pistol. 

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Paul Barford said...

So, on their way to a "Swiss collection then"? Would that be an "old Swiss collection" I wonder?

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