Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Menil Collection to return frescoes to Cyprus

It has been announced that the Menil Foundation in Houston will be returning Byzantine frescoes from the church at Lysi to Cyprus (Elisabetta Polvoledo, "The Menil Is to Return Frescoes to Cyprus", New York Times September 23, 2011). They will be displayed in a museum in Nicosia as Lysi is in the northern part of the island.  The pieces had been purchased in 1984 on the understanding that they would be returned to Cyprus in due course.

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kyri said...

after the turkish invasion of cyprus in 1974 the northern half of the island was raped of its classical and byzantine heritage with many churches and archaeological sites looted.i remember reading a piece on paul barfords blog by an archaeologist who was working in cyprus at the time and he was dismayd by the apathy shown towards the looting by the turkish authorities.

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