Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Princeton and Almagia

While I have listed what appears to be the list of objects that have been returned to Italy from Princeton, there are still some items linked to Edoardo Almagià that are listed in the Record of the Princeton University Art Museum.

  • Campanian stamnoid pyxis. Inv. 87-3 a-b. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.
  • Two fragments of Roman Arretine bowls. Inv. y1992.66-67. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.
  • Bone female doll. Roman. Inv. y1993-13. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.
  • Fragment from a satyr antefix, terracotta / 1 antefissa a volto di Satiro. Etruscan. Inv. 1996-339. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.
  • Fragment from an acroterion, terracotta. Etruscan / 1 acroterio. Inv. 1996-340. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.
  • Fragment from a nereid antexfix, terracotta; with remains of cover tile. Etruscan / 1 antefissa con nereide. Inv. 1996-341. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.
  • Pair of fragmentary architectural revetments with reliefs of chariot horses, terracotta. Etruscan / 2 rilievi con cavalli. Inv. 1996-342.1-2. Gift of Edoardo C. Almagià.

What are the full collecting histories of these pieces?

What other objects in Princeton have been purchased directly or indirectly from Almagià?

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