Monday, 1 July 2013

Cleveland and Sicily

Exhibition at Cleveland Museum of Art
In April this year LM pointed out that the image being used for the upcoming Sicily exhibition had been donated to the Getty by an individual linked to antiquities that had been returned to Italy. Where did Dr Max Gerchik acquired this head?

Other finds in the show include the ex-Steinhardt gold phiale, as well as the Morgantina silver, and the head of Hades that had been handled by Robin Symes.

It now appears that the authorities in Sicily are unhappy about the exhibition and concerns have been raised (and reported in the New York Times, Hugh Eakin, "Sicilian Protest Imperils Exhibition", June 21, 2013). It has been suggested that the stunning charioteer from Motya as well as the gold phiale should be withdrawn from the show.

This controversy is a reminder that North American museums continue to hold onto antiquities that surfaced subsequent to the 1970 UNESCO Convention.

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