Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Koutoulakis krater and Yale

I have been revisiting the collecting history of the Attic red-figured calyx-krater attributed to the Aegisthus painter by Herbert Cahn. It was returned to Italy from the J. Paul Getty Museum (inv. 88.AE.66). The krater was first published in 1985.

Interestingly 1985 is the year that Yale acquired a calyx-krater also attributed to the Aegisthus painter (inv. 1985.4.1). The krater was apparently acquired from McAlpine in London (according to the Beazley archive), although Susan B. Matheson noted that it was derived from the Koutoulakis collection. Koutoulakis appears in the Medici "organigram".

What is the full (and documented) collecting history of the Yale krater?

And for another pot attributed to the same painter (and returned to Italy) see here.

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