Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Becchina, Medici and the London market

Peter Watson has reported in today's Times (London) that the objects linked to Gianfranco Becchina and Giacomo Medici have been withdrawn from auction in London. This is due to identifications made by Cambridge University researcher Dr Christos Tsirogiannis.

The remaining question is why the due diligence process conducted by the two major auction houses were unable to detect these objects? We also note that one of the auction-houses appeared to be the vendor or co-vendor of one of the pieces.

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kyri said...

the auction houses could never conduct proper due diligence while the becchina and medici archives are not made public and are only made available to a select few.they use the ALR which is next to useless as these pieces have never been reported accuse them of not doing due diligence when it comes to pieces related to these two archives is a bit unfair and you know it.

David Gill said...

You assume that the ALR does not have access to these databases.

kyri said...

hi david,yes i do,otherwise they are not fit for purpose.there have been to many pieces popping up over the years which leads me to believe they dont have access to the archives,or at least full you know different??it would be nice if the archives were made public so we can all have a look.

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