Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Antiquities from a Manhattan gallery

Source: New York County District Attorney's Office
For completeness I note the seizures from a second gallery in Manhattan.

  • a Sardinian bronze ox, 8th century BC, valued at $6,500
  • a Sardinian bronze warrior wearing a helmet and carrying a bow, 8th century BC, valued at approximately $30,000 
  • a Greek bronze Herakles holding the horn of Achelous, 4th-3rd centuries BC, valued at $12,500.
  • an Apulian Xenon kantharos, decorated with the image of two goats butting heads, late 4th century BC, valued at $8,500
  • a Proto-Corinthian oenochoe, decorated with rams and panthers, c. 650 BC, valued at $22,500 
  • a Paestan red-figure lekythos, decorated with a man holding a plate of fruit, c. 340 BC, valued at $9,500

The name of the gallery has not yet been released.

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