Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sevso Treasure acquired by Hungary

A further seven pieces of the Sevso Treasure have been acquired by Hungary ("Hungary Buys 2nd Half of Roman-Era Silver Treasure", AP 12 July 2017). It is reported that 28 million euros were paid for the remaining pieces, making 43 million euros for the hoard.

This contextless hoard has been stripped of valuable information. We do not know for certain where it was found. And it is unlikely that the original finder will have received a significant sum of money.

Who are the beneficiaries of these sales?

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1 comment:

JuliannaLees said...

Excuse me, but it is not unlikely that the original finder of the Sevso treasure will receive compensation, but impossible, since he was murdered, and the inquest fraudulently claimed that his hanging was suicide. You are too hasty in saying that the find is context-less. The Timewatch programme of 2008 had some convincing scientific evidence to support the alleged findspot near lake Balaton. Note that one of the pieces has the Roman name for Balaton inscribed on it. Stylistically, several of the pieces are very close to the tripod in the Budapest National History Museum. The great Sevso basin fits perfectly onto the tripod. Now that the hoard is safely in Hungary at last, I am confident that the final pieces of this jigsaw puzzle will eventually establish its true provenance.

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