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Returning Glories of the Past

Source: Manhattan DA.
The return of the marble sarcophagus fragments and the bronze statue of Lucius Verus from Bubon highlight how far the Leon Levy and Shelby White collection has been the source of returns to Greece, Italy and Turkey.

Many of these identifications were made by Christos Tsirogiannis.

Returned items that appeared in Glories of the Past include:
87: Bronze statue of naked youth. [Italy]
97: Fragment of an Attic funerary stele. [Greece]
102: Chalcidian neck-amphora, attributed to the painter of the Cambridge Hydria Cavalcade. [Italy]
104: Attic black-figured neck-amphora of Panathenaic shape, attributed to the painter of Louvre F6. [Italy]
107: Attic black-figured neck-amphora, attributed to the painter of the Medea group. [Italy]
112: Attic black-figured psykter. [Italy]
113: Attic black-figured skyphos. [Italy]
117: Attic red-figured calyx-krater, A: Zeus and Ganymede, B: Herakles and Iolaos, attributed to the Eucharides painter. [Italy]
129: Apulian guttus with ram's head spout. [Italy]
131: Apulian fishplate attributed to the Cuttlefish painter. [Italy]
142: Fragment of Roman fresco. [Italy]
143: Fragment of Roman fresco. [Italy]
169: Four fragments of Roman sarcophagus. [Turkey]
174: Bronze statue of Lucius Verus from Bubon. [Turkey]

Concerns about the Shelby White and Leon Levy collection were discussed in:
Chippindale, C., and D. W. J. Gill. 2000. "Material consequences of contemporary classical collecting." AJA 104: 463-511. [DOI]

There appear to be other returned items that do not feature in Glories.

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