Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chasing Aphrodite: now available

My printed copy of Chasing Aphrodite has now arrived. The focus is very much on the acquisition policy of the J. Paul Getty Museum. However other museums in North America, Europe and Australia that have thus far failed to feature in the list of returns to Italy now get featured.

Followers of LM will no doubt want to purchase a copy. The sections are:

  • Part I: Windfalls and cover-ups
  • Part II: The temptation of Marion True
  • Part III: "After such knowledge, what forgiveness?"

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1 comment:

LizMarlowe said...

Am about 150 pages in. Great section on the tax donation scam that Frel was running. But am disappointed by the very gendered portrayal of Marion True's early years (eg comments about her buxom figure, her dating habits, etc. -- contrast this with the complete lack of such info regarding Houghton). Also a lot of distracting, irrelevant gossip (from her ex-stepdaughter, for example) about behavior that is totally private and has nothing to do with the Getty or its collecting practices. I am totally sympathetic to this book's larger arguments, but this kind of blatant sexism really turns me off.

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