Monday, 22 August 2011

Journal of Art Crime 5 (2011)

I have eventually seen a copy of the spring number of the Journal of Art Crime 5 (2011).

Readers of LM will be interested in the following:
  • Ludo Block, "European Police Cooperation on Art Crime: A Comparative Overview", 13-25.
  • David W.J. Gill and Christos Tsirogiannis, "Polaroids from the Medici Dossier: Continued Sightings on the Market", 27-33.
  • David W.J. Gill, "Context Matters. The unresolved case of the Minneapolis krater", 57-61.
  • Christopher A. Marinello, "The Art Loss Register. Recovery update", 67-68.
  • Noah Charney, Q&A with Peter Watson, 81-82.

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