Monday, 20 August 2012

The Merrin Mayan War Vase

The Merrin Gallery has conveniently issued a video of the Mayan "War Vase" recently acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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Unknown said...

Interesting that the Cleveland Museum has not listed this alongside the Drusus bust on the AAMD's online registry. It would be in good company with the 33 other totally unprovenanced Mayan objects the Merrin Gallery has handled.

Samuel Merrin said...

This Maya War vase was published by Michael Coe in The Maya Scribe and His World
Coe, Michael D.;Grolier Club, 1973.
This vase was photographed by Justin Kerr in 1969.

The Merrin Gallery identifies many publications in which the Mayan War Vase appeared. The earliest publications listed are from the 1970's and include
Edward H. Merrin Gallery, New Acquisitions: Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico and Guatemala – a Sales Exhibition, (New York) illus. no. 22 (N.B. Princeton Art Museum Marquand Library’s accession date for this publication is June 29, 1970).
Michael D. Coe, 1973, The Maya Scribe and His World, The Grolier Club (New York) illus., cat. no. 26. The famous photographer, Justin Kerr, reports that this vase was photographed for 'The Maya Scribe and His World' in June, 1971. He previously had photographed it in March, 1969 (K132)." Of note is that the 1969 photo is cataloged as K132, not K2352.

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