Monday, 17 December 2012

Heritage Crime matters in Suffolk

I have noticed that there continues to be much discussion about the removal of archaeological objects from previously unknown sites (or even scheduled ones) in England and Wales. I note that this is of particular concern in Suffolk where Councillor Guy MacGregor is quoted:
"Theft and vandalism of Suffolk’s rich and irreplaceable heritage is on the increase. Heritage crime blights communities and must be stopped, which is why I am delighted to commit Suffolk County Council to this new initiative to work alongside local communities, farmers, landowners, the police and English Heritage to tackle it and protect Suffolk's heritage." 
Suffolk now has now signed up to a Heritage Crime initiative. And how is heritage crime defined for Suffolk?
Heritage crimes in Suffolk have included metal detecting during night time raids on the Roman town in Icklingham and on Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, as well as the theft of lead from church roofs and ancient oak chests from inside them. 
Other heritage crimes include damaging ancient monuments, metal detecting and unlawful excavations on archaeological sites spraying graffiti, arson, vandalism, and the alteration or demolition of listed buildings without consent.
So in 2012 there continue to be concerns for the much discussed site of Icklingham, source of the Roman bronzes currently owned by a well-known New York collector of antiquities.

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