Friday, 18 January 2013

Private collections

One of the questions raised at the Heritage Seminar on Monday was related to private collectors. We were talking about the Crosby Garrett helmet and someone raised the issue about what motivates private collectors.

I glanced across at the section of books on private (and public) collections. There were names of private collectors who purchased ex-Becchina, ex-Medici  and ex-Symes pieces. Yet some of these private individuals claim to love the past yet do not question the acquisition of newly surfaced items.

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kyri said...

many of these collector, were unwittingly buying illicit antiquities,with false collecting histories from unscrupulous dealers.
many of these collectors,whom some have put into the same bracket as paedophiles and murderes have poured millions into museums and the arts and have even funded archaeological excavations.
many of these collectors claim to love the past,yes thats true but its to simplistic to bring into question their love of the past and call them hypocrites.lets take the blinkers off and look at the bigger picture.
many of these collectors are passionate about the past and many of those collectors have prooved it with.

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