Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Could SLAM learn from Boston?

The MFA in Boston has been researching the collecting histories of some of the pieces in its collection ... and has decided to return them to Nigeria (Geoff Edgers, "After tracing history, MFA returns 8 artworks to Nigeria", Boston Globe June 26, 2014. There was no legal case. There was no request from Nigeria.

In fact what we appear to be seeing is an internationally significant museum acting in a professional and ethical way.

Could the Director of SLAM be persuaded to do the right thing and return the Egyptian mummy mask to Egypt? Please?

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Heather Lee said...

Thank you for echoing my thoughts by discussing here the MFA Boston’s recent return of eights antiquities to Nigeria. As a student who goes to college in Massachusetts, and also as a former intern at the MFA Boston, I am especially delighted and agree that it was very admirable of the Director and the Board of Trustees of the MFA Boston to voluntarily return these objects.

David Gill said...

And Boston was the first of the big North American museums to return material to Italy in the wake of the Medici Conspiracy revelations.

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