Friday, 8 August 2014

Lydian Stelai returned to Turkey

Two of the Lydian stelai due to be returned to Turkey.
Source: Hurriyet Daily News
The Turkish press is reporting that 10 Lydian stelai have been returned after a raid, presumably in Washington DC, with police officers and the FBI in May this year ("FBI returns the smuggled Lydian artifacts to Turkey", Hurriyet Daily News August 6, 2014). It appears that the stelai surfaced in 2006 and were spotted for sale. They date from the 1st to 3rd centuries AD.
The officials declined to give details about the recovery of the artifacts, saying information was being withheld to prevent illegal traders from being informed of their operations.
The dealer has not been named in the press releases although there are suggestions from reliable sources on social media.

It is a reminder that large objects continue to be moved around on the international antiquities market, and that dealers continue to offer such objects.

Will the FBI be commenting on the Washington DC vendor? What other objects are for sale?

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