Saturday, 6 January 2018

Steinhardt seizure in Manhattan

Source: Manhattan District Attorney's Office

It has been reported that at least nine antiquities were seized from the Manhattan apartment of Michael H. Steinhardt (James C. McKinley Jr., "Looted Antiques Seized From Billionaire’s Home, Prosecutors Say", New York Times January 5, 2018). The pieces included:

  • a Protocorinthian owl
  • a Protocorinthian duck
  • an Ionian ram's head
  • an Attic white-ground lekythos
  • an Attic artballos
  • an Apulian head vase
The Attic lekythos is likely to have come from a funerary context in Attica, and should therefore be linked to activity in Greece. 

Steinhardt has been linked to material from Eshmun in the Lebanon, a gold phiale from Sicily, a tomb fragment from Paestum, a Sardinian figure, and a Faliscan askos

Which dealers were the sources for these seized objects? Are these derived from Robin Symes?

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