Thursday, February 10, 2011

Munich dealer hands over axe from Iraq

Reuters reports that a battle-axe recovered from a Munich dealer has been handed over to Iraqi authorities ("Germany hands ancient battle axe back to Iraq", February 10, 2011).
German authorities found the ancient axe in 2004 during an investigation into a Munich antiquities dealer and turned it over to the Roman-Germanic Central Museum (RGZM) in Mainz to determine its origin and age.
The route by which the axe passed from Iraq to Germany is unclear.

The name of the dealer has not been disclosed. However it should be noted that a gold vessel was seized from a named Munich dealer in 2004 [see earlier comments].

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1 comment:

kyri said...

as dr.muller karpe says,germany is the laundry of looted antiquities,espeacially ones looted from turkey.i myself have seen pieces sold,missdescribed,which are %100 looted.dr.karpe should study the catalogs a bit more closely.


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