Friday, 12 October 2007

Al Gore and the finite resource

Congratulations to Al Gore on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. He has done so much to draw attention to global climate change. The BBC website records his comment:

"I will be doing everything I can to try to understand how to best use the honour and recognition of this award as a way of speeding up the change in awareness, and the change in urgency."

As I listened to the news report this evening, the story switched to those critics of Gore. They would have us believe that there is no climate change, and that Gore is scare-mongering.

And then I realised that I had heard it all before - from the pro-collecting lobby that pretends that looting does not damage the finite archaeological context.

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What struck me most while listening to Mr. Gore at yesterday's press conference was his razor-sharp focus and recognition that enormous difficulties lay ahead. Let's all take lessons from this.

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