Tuesday, 23 October 2007

"History Lost" exhibition in Trieste

This Friday the exhibition "History Lost" opens at Castello Di San Giusto in Trieste, Italy.
The exhibition also presents replicas of artifacts which were illegally exported and have now returned to their county of origin: the marble head of Dionysus of the Corinth Museum, the Aidonia Treasure from Ancient Nemea and the Kanakaria mosaics from Cyprus.

The exhibition also
reveals the extent of the looting of archaeological sites around the world today: that the majority of antiquities appearing for sale on the art market have been illegally dug and smuggled out of their country of origin. It explains the importance of provenance to a wide audience; why objects illicitly dug lose their historical value.

Linked to the exhibition is an excellent documentary, The Network (see review).

This is a thought-provoking exhibition which I saw at the Benaki Museum in Athens last year.

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