Friday, 15 May 2009

Looting Matters and PR Newswire

From today Looting Matters will be releasing a weekly story via PR Newswire. This week's featured post is on the Euphronios krater: "Why Does the Return of the Euphronios Krater to its Original Home Awaken Debate?".


Cultural Property Observer said...


I am curious about the source of funding for your effort. As I'm sure you know, PR Newswire is not a free service. To give your effort credibility I would urge you to provide your readers with some information in this regard. Otherwise, we might just suspect that you are merely acting as an undisclosed agent of influence for some nationalistic, repatriation seeking foreign government, like that of Greece.


Peter Tompa

samarkeolog said...

Is that a genuine suspicion, or is that an attempt to create an association in the mind of the reader without having to find any evidence?

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