Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Looting Matters Goes Live: Contemporary Issues

Looting Matters goes on the road this week and will be visiting the Heritage Studies Thursday  (October 22) research seminar at the Institute of Archaeology, London, hosted by Tim Schadla-Hall.

What are this week's contemporary issues?

Have we moved on from Egypt's actions against the Louvre? What about Nefertiti and the Rosetta Stone?

What is happening about the trials in Rome? Will the thousands of objects shown in polaroids seized in Switzerland be identified and returned to Italy?

What about Greek claims over objects in Atlanta? FYROM's claim on the Koreschnica krater? Bulgaria's request for Greece to return the Byzantine silver hoard?

Will there be an update on the octodrachm in the Swiss sale?

And can we make sense of the challenges to US import restrictions on archaeological material from Cyprus?

Is there a story waiting to break?

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Ann Wuyts said...

Hello Mr. Looting matters.. would you have time for a quick Guinness and/or Q&A on Looting with Heritage Key? =)


(I - and some of our readers - could use a speed course! ;))

David Gill said...

It would be a pleasure to discuss these issues face to face before, during and after the seminar.

Ann Wuyts said...

Hi David, we did not know about the seminar - blush - until we read about it here on Looting Matters (that gives us good grades, no? ;)) so it would be after... .

Is there a designated seminar pub?


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