Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Looting Matters Goes Live in Torrington Place

The Looting Matters debate with the Heritage Studies Research Group of the Institute of Archaeology starts at Thursday 5 pm in the Galton Lecture Theatre, Torrington Place, London.

What are the breaking issues?

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Paul Barford said...

Good luck. I don't know about "breaking issues", but "festering wounds" would be to address the ethical issues of British archaeologists in "partnership" with so-called "Metal detecting" in the UK. This very much clouds the issue over artefact collecting in the UK.

Joy said...

The lecture was very interesting and an eye opener. There are still a lot of issues and problems about looting of artefacts. Its good that this is been brought to attention.

Mark said...

It was a great lecture and I learned immensely more about what you've blogged about with such vigor. It was a pleasure meeting you!

David Gill said...

The lecture is now available:
Gill, David W.J. "Looting Matters for Classical Antiquities: Contemporary Issues in Archaeological Ethics." Present Pasts 1 (2009): 77-104.

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