Saturday, 25 September 2010

Operation Baklava: Washington Lobbyist Detects Conspiracy

Once again the Washington lobbyist for the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN), Peter Tompa, has raised issues about my comment on the proposed MOU between Greece and the US. Tompa asks: "Gill should disclose any funding sources for his releases and any contacts he might have with the Greek government that may have influenced his decision to issue this press release."

It is not the first time that the Washington lobbyist has detected some conspiracy: remember Operation Tartuffo? Perhaps he imagines me sitting in some kaphenion in the western Peloponnese and being presented with brown envelopes filled with Euros.

Or could there be some simpler explanation?

John Hooker claims to know (source uncited!) that I pay "a rate of $400 per 400 words for [my] frequent PR Newswire releases". More than a year on Hooker has not provided a shred of evidence to support his claim.

Tompa has also used Hooker's baseless insinuation to note, "we might just suspect that you are merely acting as an undisclosed agent of influence for some nationalistic, repatriation seeking foreign government, like that of Greece".

Readers should choose now: a tartuffo or baklava. But you are advised, for the sake of your digestion, not to go for both.

Key team member of Operation Baklava photographed in the mountains of the western Peloponnese. © David Gill.

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1 comment:

FlaviusSextus said...

The lobbyist's desperate tactics are his attempts to distract from the fact that he is himself financially supported by those who profit from unethical and detrimental trade practices and want to maintain it. Shame on YOU, Mr. Tompa.

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