Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Protecting the archaeological heritage of Greece

Sebastian Heath, the Vice President for Professional Responsibilities at the Archaeological Institute of America, has circulated a statement about the proposed MOU with Greece.

He writes:

The United States' Cultural Property Advisory Committee has asked for comment on a proposed Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and the United States that will help protect Greece's archaeological heritage. The deadline for submitting comments is Sept. 22.

You can read about the proposed MoU at
http://exchanges.state.gov/heritage/whatsnew.html (where Greece's formal name "The Hellenic Republic" is used).

The Archaeological Institute of America has established a page at
http://archaeological.org/cpac, which gives more information on MoUs in general, and on how to submit comments this round. Cribbing from that page:

Do not send in your letter by regular mail. First class postage goes through security clearing and can take weeks to reach the State Department.
Letters can be submitted online by visiting the website
http://regulations.gov. Enter the docket number "DOS–2010–0339" into the "Enter Keyworld or ID" field and click "Search." In the search results select the check box for "Notices"—this will filter the results so that only the official notice is showing. Finally, click on "submit a comment" under actions.

Heath adds:

It is important to stress in your comments that Greece's archaeological resources are under threat from the illicit trade in antiquities. David Gill, of the blog Looting Matters, has links to his coverage of the issue at:


Messene. © David Gill

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