Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Archaeological Institute of America Award

© David Gill
I am extremely honoured to learn that I have been selected to be the 2012 recipient of the Archaeological Institute of America’s (AIA) Outstanding Public Service Award.

The criteria for the award are:
The Outstanding Public Service Award recognizes exceptional contributions that promote public understanding of, interest in, and support for archaeology and the preservation of the archaeological record.
The award recognises my "ongoing efforts to educate both professional archaeologists and the public at large on the threats posed by the international antiquities trade".

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of my research colleagues Dr Christopher Chippindale and Christos Tsirogiannis.

The announcement of this award first appeared on the AIA's Facebook page.

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Nathan Elkins said...

David, Congratulations! Well deserved.

kyri said...

we dont allways see eye to eye,me being a passionate collector of antiquities,but this award is well deserved for some sterling work.anyone who loves ancient greek culture as much as you do cant be all bad.
ps,anychance of using any influence you might have to get all the medici photos published

Szemethy said...

Congratulations! Good news for a start in the day.


Congratulations! You clearly deserve this award. You have consistently educated all those of us who never studied archaeology. I do not always agree with some of your views but I have learnt a lot from you. Best wishes, Kwame.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, David! I agree with Dr. Kwame that this is well desevred. Please continue to educate us about the corruptivities and hushed up consequences of looting. Thank you!

Tom Berg said...

Congratulations, my friend! We colonists make good decisions now and then.

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