Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Egyptian Relief Returned From London

Source: Luxor Times
The Luxor Times is reporting that a relief recorded from Behbeit el-Hagar has been recovered from a London auction-house ("Stolen in 1990 and auctioned in London ...", June 7, 2011). The relief had been photographed on site but in January 1990 it appears to have been hacked out of a larger block. (See Favard-Meeks article, p. 39, figs. 9 and 10.)

Who consigned the relief to the as yet unspecified London auction-house?

Favard-Meeks, Christine 2002. "The present state of the site of Behbeit el-Hagar." British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan 3: 31-41. [online]

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1 comment:

David Gill said...

Paul Barford notes that one Egyptian news source has named the London auction house.

I have contacted the relevant press officer and I look forward to a meaningful reply.

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