Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greek responses to Symes material on the London market: update

There is a further indignant piece on the ex-Symes material due to be auctioned in London this week by N. Kontrarou-Rassia, "Τίνος είναι οι κόρες των «Κρίστις»;", Eleutherotypia October 3, 2011).

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kyri said...

as you probably know the protomes didnt sell at christies i have been saying for years provenance is king when it comes to buying antiquities,especially high end pieces like these.what is a shame is that everything symes has sold is now guilty by association,you know as well as i do that symes sold many perfectly ligitimate pieces as well as the recently looted ones,allthough these protomes,due to their condition when photographed were probably looted.
of course if symes wasnt greedy and came to an amicable agreement with the papadimitrious the schinnoussa photos may never have seen the light of day.i think the papadimitrious made as much a contribution to bringing down the smuggling rings out of italy than the italian police.once their solicitors knew how many warehouses symes had and what he sold and for how much and to whom everything started to unravel.


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