Friday, 27 January 2012

Planet Princeton Comments

Source: MiBAC
Planet Princeton comments on the return ("Princeton University Returns Art to Italy", January 26, 2012).

But what is more interesting is the response from Robert Steven Bianchi and I give a flavour here:
The repatriation of these objects is absurd in the extreme ... the Italians cannot take care of their own so they launch witch hunts against those who cherish, protect, preserve, and educate the world about that heritage in order to conceal their own disregard for and indifference toward their own cultural property.
Why did Princeton hand over this material? Had the objects been known before 1970? Where had the architectural fragments been found?

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1 comment:

kyri said...

hmm,intresting comments by dr.bianchi.i have seen him a few times on tv and allways found him to be very knowledgeable and an intresting character[at least that is how he comes across on the tv]
he is highly respected and one wonders if he realy knows the full facts of the returns,after all,some of the pieces were stolen!!
i think he may have made this comment off the cuff without knowing the full facts.
ps,i enjoy watching him on tv but my favourite is bettany hughes,no offence to dr.bianchi but i would much rather watch her presenting a history program.

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