Monday, 23 January 2012

Princeton: more on the return

Source: MiBAC
Earlier today I was in touch with the press office at Princeton University but the university spokesperson was unable to clarify the objects returned by Princeton University Art Museum ("I am not aware of the announcement you refer to, so please send me additional information to help me determine the best way to address your inquiry").

However it now appears that Fabio Isman had written about the return on Saturday. He reports that some 170 complete pieces and fragments were returned. They appear to be linked to Edoardo Almagià.

Objects include a fragmentary red-figured krater and architectural fragments. As Princeton has not yet issued a list it is not possible to comment in a detailed way. But an askos in the form of an astragal ("un askos a forma di astragalo") was acquired in 2002 in memory of Emily Townsend Vermeule [JSTOR].

This story was first reported by the New York Times in June 2010. The implications for the curator named in the original report are unclear. There is likely to be concern as other North American museums acquired items from the same dealer. Have they, too, been asked to return material?

It is hoped that Princeton will issue a list in the near future.

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