Friday, 6 January 2012

Presenting the Past in the 21st Century

I attended the session on Presenting the Past in the 21st century. The moderator introduced the session by saying that ethical issues should not be aired at the session. There was an interesting session by Michael Bennett of the Cleveland Museum of Art who showed the Apollo Sauroktonos as the object that introduces visitors to the classical part. His talk was peppered ith references to the encyclopedic museum and cosmopolitanism. The second presentation looked at Harvard and it would have been interesting to learn about the use of the orphans in the display. The third and fourth slots considered the ISAW sponsored Vani exhibition. This made the excellent point that achaeological context matters when it comes to interpretation.
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Anonymous said...

But David,

There would be "only limited space in the Cleveland Museum for informing about provenance", you know. It is important what colours the walls have in front of which antiquities are displayed in the 21st century. Lessons learned, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Is the presentation of the bronze statue you refer to alone not actually against the AIA policies according to

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