Thursday, 22 March 2012

Coin dealer case: update

It appears that the coin-dealer who was apprehended in New York earlier this year at the International Numismatic Convention has been bailed again for the hearing to be heard in July. The dealer is the owner of an IAPN member organisation.

The coins linked to the case appear to be associated with Italy. It is therefore not without significance that the name of the dealer, Arnold-Peter Weiss (described as a "coin-dealer"), appears on the list of those who gave evidence for the consideration of the MOU with Italy back in 1999 (and published in 2000). The co-owner of Weiss' numismatic company also features in the list, along with the name of the present paid lobbyist for the IAPN.

The list is well worth a look as it includes a New York private collector who has returned material to Italy, a New York based antiquities dealer who has returned material to Italy, and two museum curators whose collections have returned material to Italy.

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