Monday, 19 March 2012

MOU and Cyprus

Christina Luke and Jane Evans have published an overview of the CPAC public hearing back in January. The inclusion of coins features prominently. Opposition was noted as follows:
Three people attended the session opposed the renewal of the MOU with Cyprus due to the inclusion of coins on the list of objects with import restrictions. Their arguments were threefold: that the agreement abrogated their constitutional right to happiness (through collecting); that coins were meant to circulate widely in the ancient world, and so should continue to circulate today; and that the restriction of coins and the documentation required for legally imported coins would have deleterious effects upon small business. These views were met with penetrating questions by committee members.
At the end of the report was a list of those who provided oral comment. This suggests that one of the three who opposed the renewal of the MOU was a paid lobbyist acting for two numismatic trade organisations.

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