Tuesday 27 March 2012

Silence from the Met over those fragments

In January LM was able to note that 40 pot fragments from the Dietrich von Bothmer collection had been returned to Italy by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I have emailed the press office at the Met but was told that they do not answer enquiries from non-journalists. (In fact I know that a journalist has asked parallel questions and has not received the courtesy of a response.) So I emailed Tom Campbell, the director of the Met, but so far there has been silence.

Will the Met be publishing a list of the pieces handed over to the Italians? Will the Met include the full collecting histories? How did von Bothmer acquire the fragments? What is the basis for the return? Do any of the fragments fit pots already returned to Italy?

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Should we not question the basis of the policy not to answer questions from non-journalists? Are journalists the only ones that have relevant and intelligent questions?
This is surely a strange policy for an art institution in a land that prides itself on freedom of speech and freedom of information.
Kwame Opoku

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