Thursday, 5 April 2012

Turkey to act on Bubon bronzes

It is now clear that Turkey is seeking to reclaim the major series of imperial Roman bronzes that were removed from the Sebasteion at Bubon in southern Turkey. The statue bases were left in situ and have been recorded.

I have discussed this notorious act of cultural property removal elsewhere in the American Journal of Archaeology [JSTOR].

There are implications for the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek in Copenhagen, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the private collector Shelby White.

It would be a great achievement if Turkey could reunite the bronzes, marble sculptures and their related inscriptions from this single structure.

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This will be a victory for all those really interested in culture as opposed to those who seek to profit from the looting and sale of cultural objects.


Max Lubos said...

Which marble sculpture from the Sebasteion at Boubon are you referring to?

Max Lubos said...
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