Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Christie's and the unsold Canosan kraters

It appears that the pair of Canosan kraters offered by Christie's and identified by Christos Tsirogiannis in the Medici Dossier were left unsold. I understand that they failed to reach their reserve price.

What is interesting is that Christie's seemed to press ahead with the sale even though it appears that they were contacted by the Italian authorities.

Did Christie's undertake its own independent research? How rigorous is its due diligence process?

In April this year Christie's returned material to Italy that had been identified from similar photographic evidence.

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1 comment:

Rick St. Hilaire said...

Thank you for reporting on this. We will not likely know what happens to the kraters now. Maybe they were sold as part of a facilitated private sale following the conclusion of the auction? Keep up the good work following these pieces.

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