Thursday, 21 June 2012

Toledo to return Etruscan hydria

Etruscan hydria due to be returned to Italy
The presence of an Etruscan hydria in Toledo has been controversial for some time (see here). It has now been  announced that the Toledo Museum of Art will be returning the pot to Italy. It had been acquired from Gianfranco and Ursula Becchina in 1982. It is suggested that it is valued at $665,000. The pot is attributed to the Michali painter.

A full story in the Toledo Blade can be found here. What is so surprising is that it has taken the museum so long to decide to return the piece.

I am grateful to Fabio Isman for drawing my attention to the story.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you like the term provenance? I read the linked to page but didn't gather an answer to this question.


David Gill said...

Have you read the article or only the abstract?
Best wishes

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