Friday, 15 June 2012

No cover up: coin conspiracy theory falls

I note that the Courthouse News service is reporting that there was no concealment of evidence as alleged by the IAPN, the PNG and the ACCG. This must come as a blow to the paid Washington lobbyist who has argued for a cover-up. This will hopefully bring an end to the shameful attack on the late Dr Danielle Parks whose emails have been the subject of interest by the request made by the three organizations. | |
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Nathan Elkins said...

Danielle Parks, a fellow alumna from the University of Missouri, was an expert on the ancient coinage of Cyprus. Naturally, the Department of State should consult with recognized experts on potential agreements with nations such as Cyprus. Thus, the fact that some sort of cabal was ever alleged in the first place is indeed absurd and shameful. Thank you for reporting this.

Cultural Property Observer said...

I'm not sure why seeking Parks' email communications with a State Department Employee that appear to discuss her lobbying for the inclusion of coins in the Cypriot MOU BEFORE Cyprus asked for import restrictions "constitute an attack" of any sort. If there was nothing to hide, why not produce the email chain in full? And if you read the opinion, you would note the Court's only finding was that parts of the discussion were protected from release under FOIA based on a request for confidentiality that the State Department employee now claims (some 5 years after the fact) that Parks made. How he just rememberd this and why the Government did not submit his own affidavit on that point but rather relied on another State Department employee to convey that information remain unresolved.

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