Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hadrian's Wall Collections under threat

Great North Museum © David Gill
It was announced today that Newcastle City Council is planning "to cut all funding to arts organisations in the city". This comes less than a week after warnings were sounded at the Culture Matters conference in Norwich.

The report comments that "the council will stop funding to the Great North Museum". GNM, that opened in 2009, holds (among other things) the internationally significant collection of archaeological material from Hadrian's Wall as well as the Shefton collection of Greek and Etruscan antiquities. This short-sighted policy fails to take account of the contribution that heritage, and in particular archaeological heritage, makes to economy of the region.

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1 comment:

kyri said...

hi david,sad news indeed but a sign of the times im museum in barnet is trying to sell of most of its collection after cutbacks.
i talk to the curators of my local museums in north london, hard working dedicated people who work long hours for very little money and they are of my local museums[bruce castle museum in tottenham]have to hold regular jumble sales and tea partys just to raise some extra funds and this is a museum that has won awards for working with and educating underprivileged children.sadly things are only going to get worse,much worse.


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