Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Coins Matter for the CCPIA

Coins matter for the archaeological record. But now US Representatives Charles Rangel and Steve Israel are considering a change to legislation to exempt coins from the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act (CCPIA). This act implements the US ratification of the 1970 UNESCO Convention.

Charles Rangel and Steve Israel seem to think that ancient coins are somehow different from other types of archaeological material. Perhaps they need to reflect on the issues surrounding coins from Cyprus, Ptomelaic coins from the Peloponnese, or looting in Bulgaria. There are some misleading claims put around by a certain Washington lobbyist.

Rangel and Israel could also read some views by numismatist Professor Nathan Elkins, and the legal issues by attorney Rick St Hilaire.

If readers of LM do not wish to exempt coins from CCPIA, then they should sign the petition.

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