Friday, 6 June 2014

Karlsrhe and the Returning Cycladic Figure

Cycladic figure returned from Karlsruhe.
Source: Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
The marble figure returned from Karlsruhe to Greece can be identified as:

  • Marble figure, Early Spedos type. Inv. 75/49. Findspot: "unknown". ACC no. 151. H. 88.8 cm.

It is one of three figures attributed to the Karlsruhe/Woodner Sculptor by Pat Getz-Gentle (Personal Styles, Checklist no. 2). The other two figures attributed to this sculptor do not come from secure archaeological contexts. One formed part of the Goulandris collection (no. 724; "Keros, in a cave"; Doumas, Early Cycladic Culture no. 222, "Possible provenance Keros"), and the other is in the Harmon collection (NAC no. 39; Keros Hoard no. 170) reportedly from the Keros Haul.

Is this one of the "sculptors" who could fall into the "inadequate" category because of the lack of secure information?

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