Tuesday, October 4, 2011

South Italian Pots in Australia

I notice that The Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne will be hosting an exhibition later this month: "Treasures: antiquities from Melbourne private collections" [press release]. The exhibition places private collecting in the context of the European Grand Tour and we are told, "The subsequent dissolution of these European collections created the majority of the objects circulating in the antiquities market today". The statement continues, "Melbourne is fortunate to have a number of important private collections of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern objects".

Andrew Jamieson, the curator in charge of the exhibition, has revealed in an interview that some 10 private collectors are represented (Melbourne Yarra Leader, October 3, 2011).

The University of Melbourne has received loans of Attic and South Italian pottery on previous occasions.

We look forward to seeing the complete list of the exhibits along with their collecting histories.

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kyri said...

david,these are small provincial museums.these museums are not making purchases,they are only loaning the pieces.i have loand to museums in the past and once i can proove i own the pieces and the insurance is sorted out they are more than happy to display them to promote their speacial events.i recently made a loan to a small london museum [in tottenham]celebrating archaeology week in july.they just dont get the chance to display quality pieces to the many underprivaliged children that pass through their doors.i have never been asked about the collecting history of a piece,most of these museums are struggling just to stay open.


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